Consultation on surgical procedures

Every surgical procedure is always accompanied by an extenxive consultation with the patient. This will include everything you need to know about the nature and scope of the upcoming procedure, what will be different afterwards and what the possible risks are involved.

For me, successful surgery includes a thorough consulation, informing the patient about the procedure and taking my time to do so. You will receive all the essential information about the operation – including why it will be performed – and what the next steps will be after the procedure. Rest assured that there will also be enough time for your questions.

Before the procedure

What do I need to do before a surgical procedure? In many cases, a general medical examination by an internist can be necessary, ideally resulting in official surgery clearance. The aforementioned informed consent discussion, an integral part of the surgical procedure, is another important factor.

After the procedure

What do I need to bear in mind after the surgical procedure? It is generally important to adapt your lifestyle to the circumstances of your recovery. Even though many operations are minimally invasive these days, considerably reducing the need for lengthy hospital stays, it is essential to take appropriate postoperative precautions. Follow-up examinations are normally arranged to monitor the healing process.