Intestinal surgery in cases of benign and malignant disorders

I treat all benign and malignant disorders in the intestines from classic inflammation to tumours.

Whether diverticulitis or colorectal carcinoma (colon cancer), a wide variety of benign and malignant disorders and illnesses can occur in the intestines that require a surgical procedure. Benign disorders such as inflammation should always be tackled in a timely manner – if left untreated many disorders can become chronic and lead to the intestines shrinking (stenosis), which can cause an intestinal obstruction.

This is where camera-controlled minimally invasive surgery (also referred to as video endoscopy) comes into play, which is highly superior to open surgery in the removal of carcinomas. For patients, this not only means faster pain reduction, the recovery process is also expedited and the risk of an incisional hernia is lower.