Gentle endoscopy – takes the anxiety out of many critical procedures.

Whether gastroscopy or colonoscopy, when it comes to the gentle endoscopy I use a carefully selected treatment approach to ensure that endoscopic examinations are as free from discomfort as possible.

Persistent stomach or abdominal pains, chronic diarrhoea, irregular bowel movements and bloody stool are typical examples of instances when a gastroscopy or colonoscopy might be advised. Until recently, these examinations were often associated with discomfort. Luckily, the modern approaches to treatment that I use at my practice allow for a gentle gastroscopy or colonoscopy that the patient does not feel.

Patient liegt unter Narkose auf der OP-Liege - Dr. Stracke bereitet eine Gastroskopie vor
Patient liegt unter Narkose auf der OP-Liege - Krankenschwester haltet sanft den Kopf des Patienten - Dr. Stracke beginnt mit der Gastroskopie

Gastroscopy and colonoscopy

A precision device fitted with a camera is carefully inserted into the stomach or intestines during both procedures. The physician and patient can then explore the inside of the organ together on the monitor and identify potential problem areas such as inflammations or growths. In case of an interventional endoscopy, I carry out minor initial procedures at this time, which can spare many a surgery.